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Gary Cook


Gary is passionate about analytics and that’s apparent in how he explains this space. He believes that the analytics space has provided x-ray vision to corporate eyes that allow for accurate, clear, succinct and profitable insights into any area. The result of this, he explains, is putting it all together in a 360 degree shareholder value creation.

He’s also enjoyed significant achievement in this space, including combining business intelligence, smart analytics, performance management, value proposition around market conduct customer management and providing performance and conformance views across tier one financial service companies.

For every achievement, challenges are always imminent, and Gary believes that there are some pressing issues that clients need to consider in the analytics space. “The most important issue is getting started and understanding the power of analytical insights into challenging areas and then making it a way of life in every organisation. Analytics shouldn’t be a department, it should be everyone’s responsibility,” he explains.

When Gary is not working on Empowered Analytics you can find him following his talented daughters’ sports progress, reading new business books on his Kindle and watching and supporting his favourite football club, Liverpool, every chance he gets. With all of LFC’s recent losses, it seems he’s walking alone in this front!

Gary Cook – Executive

Pierre Blignaut


Pierre finds that playing in the analytics space is enjoyable, more so as it’s such an exciting profession of the 21st century. This is what sparks his passion and keeps him eager to learn more. He’s enjoyed significant achievements in this space and Pierre believes it’s because he is of the highest calibre of pioneers that have revolutionised scorecards into dashboards.

Even with the most consummate professionals, challenges do present themselves especially on the client facing front. Something pressing that Pierre thinks should be considered by clients is the issue of cross analysing `` in the sense that business units ie. marketing and finance seem to contrast and compare (apples with apples). “This seems to be a challenge for a lot of businesses,” he says.

When the proverbial fruit bowl is put away, Pierre quite enjoys keeping active, which sometimes entails the occasional parkrun. Live cricket and baseball also feature prominently in his downtime

Pierre Blignaut – Director

Ruan Steyn


Ruan’s passion for the analytics space stems from his ability to visualise customer's data and assist them in gaining insights, in their business, they never knew existed. “It’s all about translating data complexity into actionable information,” he explains.

It’s impossible not to boast a little about Ruan’s most significant achievements. He played a key role in assisting a global oil and gas company to save millions by internalising their customer profitability analytics. This was achieved by using their existing SAP/BO platform instead of having to send their data to a 3rd party for analysis. What a feat indeed!

From a next step, moving-on-to-better, perspective, Ruan believes that empowering users to get the right answers to the right questions is paramount to business success in the information age. “Data is everywhere, but critical insights are hard to come by,” he points out.

When he’s not providing this insight, Ruan turns his attention to his love for all things tech. He’s a self-confessed technophile and is at his happiest tinkering away with technology and gadgets. This combines well with his love of photography.

Ruan Steyn – Director

Barry Silinda

Marketing Director

Barry believes that analytics is an art that helps businesses and decision makers make better choices - this is what fuels his passion for his profession. “I enjoy recreating business models and doing reconciliations to ensure that data analytics, in particular, speaks to ensuring the health of a business,” he says.

Quite a significant achievement for Barry was assisting a video and entertainment company gain a better view of their billing system to reconcile satellite signals for revenue assurance. “I made big data understandable with a drill-down view of how the system worked” Barry explains.

He’s also committed to the work and interventions that’s required in other areas. Barry says businesses need to understand that to gain a better view of their environments using analytics, the need for synchronization across disparate data sources is vital.

On the days he takes a break from synchronization, you will find Barry packing up his tent and rod, ready for camping and fishing. He’s also an avid traveler, loves seeing the small gems of our beloved country and tucking into an occasional braai with friends and family.

Barry Silinda – Marketing Director