We have worked with several clients, including JSE-listed companies. A selected view of our growing client base

Large Financial Services Provider in South Africa

  The Challenge: The client was tasked with responding to compliance issues related to the so-called “Twin-Peaks” legislation that came into effect in April 2018.

Two new regulations come into operation – the Prudential Authority (PA) and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). The PA supervises the safety and soundness of all financial institutions while The FSCA supervises how financial institutions conduct their business and treat customers.For business, this meant fundamental ideological, strategic and operations shifts in ways of working. But implementation of the requisite changes needed to be informed by real data to be effective.

Our Solution: EA identified tangible opportunities for improvement within the data aggregation and reporting framework. This was to have the added benefit of cutting off dependencies to strategically align to the required “To Be” State for optimal conduct oversight.

The Outcome:  Developed a comprehensive Conduct Risk Scorecarding & Reporting specific solution, designed to align project objectives and requirements of stakeholder needs.

Large Oil & Gas Company in South Africa

The Challenge: The client purchased software as a service from one of the big five consulting firms that was the most expensive and didn’t meet their needs. They wanted to roll it out to the entire group and the licensing use would have been prohibitive. They needed a better fit with their business and data needs and something that would have been more price palatable to roll out group wise. The challenge was to internalise the software with the existing infrastructure, to preserve the integrity of the calculations and algorithms in relation to customer profitability.

Our Solution: EA characterised the development of a proof of concept that produced a price to profit model, marketing analysis reporting and the development of Dashboarding toolsets. The prototyping and solution evaluation of the Dashboard design and fit exceeded all the requirements of the company to internalise customer profitability analysis.

The Outcome: The resulting solution saved the client from large on-going expenditure by leveraging existing systems and empowering users on a much larger scale, rather than using 3rd Party hosted solutions.

Large Mining Group in South Africa

The Challenge:One of this clients’ base metals divisions was to develop a reporting suite for executive and committee management that would satisfy strategic and operational Data flows across a variaty of functional areas and to compact the entire reporting solution within a single reporting framework.

Our Solution: EA utilised the clients preferred business tools by exploring modern mining reporting requirements by encompassing and capturing a strategy for elation to deployment, for operational impact in a series of Kaplan and Norton type scorecards, dashboards and specific analytics that provided deep insights into Lag and leading reporting. Highlights of the solution included production to sales run rate calculations and other predictive forecasting paraphernalia.

The Outcome:The solution resulted in a significant material impact on the shareholder value and integrated reporting solution and functional areas were able to see the impact of their results overall.

Large fast Food Services Company in South Africa

The Challenge: The client lacked distinguishability over non-financial Metrics that resulted in a fragmented view between Franchisees and Franchisors. An unfocused measurement on ownership and not performance directly resulted in non-optimal improved performance and unsatisfactory profitability.  Disparity between performance of over 400 stores performance measurement needed to be standardised taking into account different store locations, sizes and socioeconomic factors. Inaccurate and unfair performance measurement across geographical segmentation of stores from rural to urban stores were measured against the same financial metrics regardless of differences in external influences resulting in rural stores being exposed as consistently underperforming.

Our Solution:  EA differentiated and clustered the stores by understanding the psychographics and demographics in terms of external influences and geographic regions and identified the superior performers. Instead of just focusing on profitability as lagging indicators, we identified measures that contributed to revenue e.g. average order time, average order size and time it takes to be served. This led to the creation of Performance Dashboards for the stores based on key performance metrics we had identified that incorporated Internal Benchmarking and Best Practice.

The Outcome:The solution resulted in Improved Accumulated profit, allowed for visibility across all 400 stores, created healthy ‘competition’ between similar stores, increased communication and motivational improvement, and improved the performance of new stores instantaneously

Gary is the most committed individual that I have ever worked with. His technical ability in his professional capacity and cross-cultural ability to work with people from different cultures is uniquely inspiring.

Prof Steyn HeckroodtHarvard Business School Publishing Moderator, Strategy and Leadership Expert

Gary’s knowledge of business intelligence methodologies and processes is world class. His overall ability to understand complex business strategy and implementation realities makes for a very meaningful business contribution.

Peter IvanoffCM (SA), Marketing Director at The Marketing Centre SA

During the project we tried to stretch the boundaries and deliver a dashboard for our joint client with functionalities, which hadn't been developed or deployed before. Ruan not only had the technical skills to turn business requirements / concepts into working dashboards; but his interface designs were also user-friendly. On a personal note: It was a pleasure working with Ruan and I admired especially his can-do attitude. No challenge was too difficult for him. He is a great asset for any team.

Marc-Henry de JongManaging Partner Greenlemons consulting ltd.