Market Conduct

Is your financial or insurance organisation falling short on Market Conduct?

It’s time to embrace Risk Adjusted Performance Management through Smart Strategic Intelligence™.


In the financial services industry, regulatory and governance compliance are of utmost importance. Finance institutions are hard pressed to guarantee observance of the Market Conduct outcomes based regulatory and supervisory approach.


Financial institutions must not display anti-competitive behaviour or participate in market abuse. They must also meet six key pillars of conduct, as prescribed by TCF.

When asked to identify the number of squares on a chessboard, one might be inclined to answer 64. This is the face-value of the board – but this answer is not necessarily correct. The board itself is a series of squares, and upon closer inspection, you’ll find 204 squares.

Similarly, the datasets involved in establishing and ensuring market conduct compliance are vast – with more than 40 sources. Without a universal view of their operations, right down to the granular level, most financial institutions fail to meet these requirements. This results in:

  • Poor customer outcomes
  • Reputational damage
  • Regulatory enforcement such as fines and penalties
  • Legal consequences as set out in the COFI Bill, once it becomes legislation 

Financial services entities need:

  • A holistic view of the business, indicating conduct performance across the entire organisation; and
  • A proactive strategy ensuring customers are treated fairly, and that governance requirements are met at every interaction without the need for intervention.


Our unique Market Conduct offering provides access to the key metrics required to manage conduct governance proactively. The specialised framework draws on data from over 40 sources, effectively consolidating, reconciling, analysing and measuring this information to deliver a single, integrated report.

This is achieved through the delivery of conduct performance:

  • Metrics Audits
  • Reporting Framework Analyses
  • Alignment Reviews
  • Reporting Prototypes

With this holistic view across all measures, conduct performance risks are mitigated & adjusted, and brand reputation maintained.



  • Conduct Risk Library of 1500+ measures, offering advanced problem-solving value
  • Comprehensive report detailing shortfalls, gaps, and recommendations for improvements
  • Pro-forma reporting packs for Boards and Risk Committees:
    1. Featuring BCBS 239 proofed scorecards and dashboards
    2. Featuring a composite index
  • Professional Market Conduct & Culture Reporting Framework


Empowered Analytics Market Conduct customers, including top tier banking and insurance organisations, enjoy measurable benefits:

  • Thorough evaluation of current metrics, with recommendations on what to improve, enhance or implement to ensure best practice, compliance and compatibility
  • Reliable reporting frameworks
  • The alignment and communication of organisational goals across the board
  • Reporting guidelines for simplification, optimisation and amplification, driving BI and accurately applied analytics