We operate at the intersection of management consulting and applied technology. Propelled by this approach, we spearhead complex projects across industries and skill ranges, providing solutions from applications to project completion. The company has completed multiple projects in Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain & HR, and have a reputation as scorecard specialists.

Our expertise in Strategic Intelligence incorporates Business Intelligence and Visual Intelligence and we have consistently  proven to be an industry leader in driving innovative business improvement through our propensity to prioritise relationships. Our high performing team have worked together, innovating and delivering world class solutions for clients for over 15 years .

We’re a Level 2 and predominantly black woman owned enterprise, developing new ways of enhancing client return on investment through our unique design process and maintaining an ever-growing network of strategic alliance partners.

Corporate performance management (CPM), also called business performance management or even enterprise performance management may describe the approaches and methods that assist in managing the efficacy of a business. We specialise in creating Balanced Scorecards and the measurement of Key Performance Indicators.


Specialised Analysis


Market Conduct (previously known as Treating Customers Fairly [TCF]) has evolved  from suggested best practice to legislative regulation, with being published in late 2018 that  substantially increases the compliance requirements for customer engagement and experience in the financial service sector.

At, Empowered Analytics we believe it is businesses’ imperative to perform optimally, not merely comply. By conducting performance measurement audits, alignment reviews and developing reporting prototypes, we provide clients with scorecard and measurement feedback systems that ensure customer portfolio aspirations are attained, and will become the key to merging business and governance convergence in the immediate future.